William's Lullaby


Sometimes our worst nightmare is our own reality



While battling his unforgiving childhood and an increasingly rampant paranoid depression, Thomas Splinter, a middle-aged, broke, and newly single father, struggles to raise his spirited but troubled five-year-old son.

A project five years in the works, starring Richard Roy Sutton and Toby Bisson and directed by Toronto based filmmaker Nicholas Arnold, William's Lullaby is a creative and unflinching look at grief and the effects of long-term depression on children and adults alike.



William's Lullaby went into pre-production with a three-year-old script in January, 2011. Casting occurred over April and May of the same year. Production began on August 13th and lasted until August 29th, '11. Shooting locations included Kingston and Amherstview in Ontario, Canada. In September, 2011 the film began two years of post-production with director, Nicholas Arnold, sound designer, Mike Whissell and composer, Paul Barton. A locked film was reached on May 24th, 2013. William's Lullaby is due for release in the 2013/2014 festival circuit.